Canvas 3: Overcome – Starting Now

Time for the next Canvas!

As tradition dictates, starting this was a little bit delayed. This time, however, we’re spicing things up a bit by giving you no warning whatsoever before announcing it! Fun, right?

So what is it?

The Canvas initiative is a Tripulse community project to fuel and encourage creativity and exploration in music by using art as inspiration, along with a little friendly competition.

It all starts with a single word. With one word, we approach an artist and commission them to create whatever they want with that word in mind. We encourage them to let loose and go as crazy as they want without holding back. With the finished art, we then present it to the community along with a couple suggestions for the theme, and you get to work. Your task is to make a song to fit that theme in whatever way you want. There are no genre restrictions, no tempo requirements, nothing of the sort. You only need to try to capture the theme of the art in your song.

It’s no fun without a little competition though, so bring your A game! Submissions will go through a judging process, and we will only select the tracks we believe best captured the given theme. Out of those submissions, we will choose one or two winners and prizes will be had! We will then compile the selected tracks into an album and release it on all major platforms. Depending on the number of submissions, some of those who didn’t make the cut may be included anyway as bonus tracks, or even on an extra album of their own.

With our previous two Canvas albums, we committed to donating 50% of the proceeds to Notes for Notes. However due to the fact that we could not continue supporting their direction, from here on out, we’re committing to donating 100% of all proceeds to The Trevor Project!

Album cover for Tripulse Canvas: Overcome

Sorixa returns once more to provide the wonderful cover art, and the theme is Overcome. You can find them on Twitter, Instagram, and around Tripulse.

Prizes will be had, except this time, everyone gets something! For 1st prize, there will be a $60 cash prize plus two free pieces of merch. For 2nd prize, it’s $40 and one piece of merch. 3rd prize gets $20. All three of these will also win a month of Discord Nitro. Everyone else who makes it past the judging phase will get $5. If anyone either doesn’t want or can’t accept their cash prize, it will be donated to Notes for Notes as well.

The deadline for entry is October 1st 2020. Information on how to enter can be found in this forum thread. Share this with your producer friends and let’s make something great happen!

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s entries!

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